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Gohei Kishi

Chef Gohei Kishi joins MFMS as Executive Chef with distinct culinary mastery. This new executive chef has made a name for himself in London with stints at some of the city’s best restaurants.

In his new role, Chef Gohei oversees all three outlets pertaining to the group, including Mahiki, famed for its Polynesian Grill, Ramusake, the Japanese restaurant hailing from London and finally Copper Dog, from Scotland’s Highlands as well as being responsible for overseeing all corporate and private event functions for the group.

Culinary Career

Known for his unconventional cooking methods and creativity in the kitchen, Chef Gohei started his culinary career in Japan, having spent his first 18 years in Paris, he made a conscious decision to return to his roots and immerse himself in the Japanese Culture, food and the art of sushi. He quickly found a position in Kappou Nakajima, a 1 Michelin Stared restaurant where he spent 5 years learning the fundamentals of Japanese cuisine.

In 2007, Chef Gohei left Japan to move to Spain, resuming the role of Sushi Chef in the country’s capital Madrid at high end eatery; Le Garage – allowing him to further hone his culinary skills and adding Spanish to his repertoire of languages which include English, French and Japanese.

Prior to his Middle Eastern move, in 2012, he relocated to London to join the respected and world famous Gordon Ramsay Group as Head of Asian Concepts. Chef Gohei was able to use his knowledge of Japanese culinary techniques fused with a modern French approach to add and develop his own unique Asian flair across the group’s existing Asian restaurants, paying particular focus to Maze, one of London’s acclaimed fining dining locations.

MFMS Chairman, Avi Bhojani says “We’re delighted to have Chef Gohei on board. With his international experience and understanding of a multitude of cuisines, we are able to serve dishes that are both visually extravagant and filled with robust flavor. Since his arrival, Ramusake has quickly become known for its provocative Western take on Japan’s traditional flavors, providing patrons with a new culinary experience in the UAE. We have great hopes for Copper Dog’s new season menu and Mahiki’s Polynesian offering”

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