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Chef Hicham Salami

Chef Hicham who is graduated from the Institute de Formation ET de Profectionement in Morocco is a highly professional & innovative individual with over 18 years of extensive experience related to Five Star Deluxe Hotels, fine dining restaurants and high volume catering. With continuous desire to improve craft as professional chef and always striving to achieve excellence.

Hicham possesses excellent team-building, leadership and organizational skills with the ability to train, manage & motivate multi-national teams of skilled & semi-skilled staff.

He gained wide experience working previously with Burj Al Arab – the only 7 star hotel and numerous 5 star Hotels such as Fairmont Hotel, Mina Al Salam, Al Qasar, just to name a few within the region.

Hicham says: “Some people may think, being a Chef is an easy task, but it takes much more to be a good Chef, it’s not only about cooking which I love, it’s in being a reliable team player to bring out best of each staff, cheering, supporting and educating them. I made sure that entire team works together for a common goal and our working environment is clean and organized up to the highest standards only this way, we can satisfy our guest needs. Creating a new menu, new dishes, and coming up with new exciting ideas, that’s what I am always passionate about.

My natural sense of energy would ensure that we did not fall behind schedule and I would attempt to reduce the size of task by establishing what individual group members might best contribute”.

Hicham’s skill set includes but no limited to strong communication, Menu Planning, Menu Development, Menu Design and Implementation, Food Safety and cost control. He also makes sure that the Kitchen Design is Practical, Effective and Productive.

Hicham has joined Burger and Lobster as an Expert Chef to work hand in hand with the Research & Development team to implement all world class standards & quality which is second to none and in line with the vision and mission of Burger and Lobster which is an International brand.

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