Chef Pele Khor

Of Chinese descent, Chef Pele Khor was born in Malaysia. He inherited his passion for cooking from his mother, who cooked Chinese dishes on a daily basis in order to preserve her family’s innate heritage and culture.

Chef Pele started his career in 1980 in Malaysia and continuously climbed the ladder of success starting from Commis Chef to Chef de Cuisine, proving that hard work, passion and dedication can go a long way. His professional journey has taken him to numerous places around the world before he joined Shanghai Chic in Dubai in 2012. Chef Pele has had the privilege of working in some of the most renowned Chinese restaurants in Singapore, Taiwan, Brunei, Australia and Russia.

Despite the rich cultural experiences he has accumulated, Chef Pele remains true to his origins when it comes to his culinary creations. Inspired by his mother, he persistently promotes his Chinese heritage through traditional Chinese dishes while adding a personal twist to each one of them in terms of presentation and execution.

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