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Chef Toni Francesco Carosi

Toni Francesco Carosi was born in Italy in San Benedetto del Tronto. Most of his life was spent in Italy, surrounded by family traditions, which he then later carried with him to countries such as New Zealand and Dubai.

With a pizza chef for a father, Toni’s family background has strong ties to the art of Italian pizza making. His father’s experience in exporting Italian cuisine to Venezuela and passion for pizza inspired him to follow the same path.

Having moved to Dubai 2 years ago, witnessing the happiness of people’s expressions after biting into their first slice of pizza is what fuels his passion for the craft.

Toni now has 10+ years of experience in the art of pizza making, with both local Italian and international experience, his latest venture is being the Pizzaiolo for Bianca, in the vibrant hub of Dubai.

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