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Chefs Claudio Pasquarelli and Lara Pasquarelli

Claudio is a tireless experimenter, a meticulous perfectionist in constant search for simplicity, albeit combined with an incredible combination of aromas and flavors.
His kingdom is the sea, both for the development of his kitchen and for his personal life.

Born in Vado Ligure in 1950, he attended the Hotel School of Genoa, at 15 years old he went to London for practice, then opened his restaurant-trattoria in the country where he lived with his family.
But in his dreams there were the elegantly laid tables, waiters in white gloves, chef with the toque and the immaculate white apron and for this reason he moved to the Bergeggi restaurant (built in 1982), where Claudio found the vocation to create a model of the most sought after hospitality, a place where good taste is not only the result of the great cuisine, flavors and colors of the Mediterranean, but strongly emerges in every detail. An excellent restaurant based on genuine seafood on a terrace with a dream view and a small hotel with 20 rooms and 5 suites, all with terraces overlooking the sea, Jacuzzi, every comfort and a swimming pool surrounded by olive trees.
In 1990 the prestigious Michelin Star arrived. Since a few years his daughter Lara has followed him to the stoves bringing new touches that embellish the table, a menu of great harmony, delicate and tasty but never dull; a symphony of Mediterranean flavors that can give space to tradition. Lara Pasquarelli, born in 1984, was actually born in the kitchen … she grew up in this charming reality living with the family right above the kitchens of the restaurant and together with her father she visited important restaurants, knew the most famous chefs, tasted the dishes that made the history of Italy and France, falling in love with the cuisine. It all started from pastry and bakery – arts more suitable for a women for their colors and scents – and in a short time she reached all cuisine key arts.

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