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Jorge Rivero

Born in Argentina in the city of Clorinda, Jorge Rivero found his culinary passion… He owes it to.. “My family is very culinary oriented, my Grandfather was a cook and my Aunt was pastry chef. The weekends were very traditional for my family, the entire family – uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, sons, daughters would sit together to eat. Normally we would eat Asado (Argentinean BBQ – asado is the most popular social gathering in Argentina and no weekend is truly complete without it. It’s a celebration of seared meat and flame, filled with good times) that is cooked by the men and the salads and side dishes cooked by the women, or sometimes it is pasta which is cooked all by the women, this is how I grew up.

When Jorge was studying computer engineering, on the way to the university he use pass a culinary school which got his attention, one day when his mum was visiting him, he told her about the culinary school. Jorge and his mum went to check the school, it was appealing to both and Jorge’s mum told him that she would pay for his culinary school but on one condition, Jorge had to convince his father. Speaking with his father and promising him that after finishing two years of culinary school he would go back to engineering, and his father agreed. During the first year of culinary school, Jorge started his internships in a restaurant and this is when he decided that he wanted to be a chef, his father respected Jorge’s decision and happy that Jorge made the right choice.

Chef Jorge tells us about your previous experiences which helped him to form as a chef…

I started in Cordoba, Argentina doing my internships in a few restaurants while studying during my culinary school days, after I completed my studies, I worked in a Spanish restaurant for two years after which I went to USA for a year and a half to do my training at the Hyatt Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Back to Argentina for two years where I worked for a brewpub in Buenos Aires. I then received an offer to move to Dubai as a Sous Chef at the Polo Club in 2009. In 2012, I decide to go back to Argentina for a personal reasons and worked again for the same brewpub but in a different branch in Cordoba. In 2013, I received an offer to comeback to Dubai at Pachanga, Hilton Jumeirah Beach and after 3 years of service I moved to DIFC at The Gramercy.

Jorge’s cuisine is based on technique, fine ingredients composed of the freshest, locally sourced and seasonal which are full of flavors, and brings this balance on a plate…

Experience is the most important factor, for me, I research products, taste them and start experimenting with them until I feel comfortable to and the right flavors and the best way to prepare the dish and recipe, after I am satisfied I add it to add on my menu.

Chef Jorge’s culinary philosophy…

I think I am from the old school of chefs, of course I’m interested in the new trends and new techniques but using it with balance. So my cuisine is traditional, not in the way that I do traditional recipes, but in the flavors. I use good products from Latin America with my own recipes and add my style to a traditional products.

Chef Jorge’s opinion on the best recipe that she has created and her inspiration…

Every time we create a recipe we believe is the best, we are chefs! I really cannot choose one as the best, but I can say that one of the most fun and inspired moment when I was Chef in the brewpub was that I needed to pair the food with a type of beer, normally you pair food with wine. It was something new for me and I tried many things including desserts with eleven different kind of beers.

Chef Jorge tells us which ingredient inspires him, his favorite ingredients and ingredients which are most challenging to work with…Beef! For me it is very important to know as much as possible to find the best way to cook the different cuts…

I’m from Argentina and the favorite ingredient has got to be Meat. Now I have started to work with different kinds of chilies from Mexico and Peru, this is something new and I like it.

Fish is most challenging because it should be fresh and good quality, if you don’t cook it properly you can make the best fish taste the worst.

I think is just glamorous on TV, in the real world you need to work hard work around 10 to 12 hours a day, standing, burning and sweating. So is not glamorous at all. My advice would be if you want to be a chef, you have to have passion and to be ready for all the things that come with the profession, long hours, opposite time and days with your friends that not work in hospitality, work on holidays, and it would be hard to find a partner who can handle all this, so if you can do all this, indeed you will became a chef.

Special cooking techniques and equipment… “It all depend on the seasons, I use different equipment’s but my favorite is the charcoal grill, it is so basic yet so tricky at the same time, you can have many different techniques if you know how to use it well.”

Chef Jorge greatest in influences in the kitchen…

Chef Franco Salusso, the first chef I learnt with, I learn not only about the entire kitchen but the passion to cook and to interact with guest. Chef Salusso is one of my very good friends.

Produce, Creativity or Technique… “For me creativity comes first then technique and produce, without creativity you will do always same thing or other chefs recipes.”

Guilty food pleasure… “I love food in general, but pasta is my weakness, I can eat pasta almost every day and would not get bored with it. The diversity of pastas and the different sauces is endless.”

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