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Omar Omara

Chef Omar Omara has built a career on his passion for the culinary arts. And, true to his birthright, he specializes in the Italian cuisine of his heritage. Born in Milano, Italy on May 12, 1988, Omar was inspired to become a Chef since his early age believing that the best formula to succeed is (curiosity + engagement) x time = passion, thanks to his grandfather and father who are famous in Italy for their sumptuous Italian food business.

Chef Omar initially took a Geometry course in his school but his burning passion for cooking made him pursue a culinary course in Italy, after then, his father made him manage the entire family business.

At the age of 16, he was able to prepare food for a huge group of customers and after 6 years of honing his culinary skills, he got lucky to receive a job offer as Sous Chef in a restaurant in London.

Traveling and eager to acquire more knowledge about International cuisine, he decided to work in an Italian restaurant in the United States of America as Head Chef for 2 years and later moved to Norway in 2006 where he worked as an Executive Chef.

Omar currently works in Fratelli La Bufala in the United Arab Emirates as Executive Chef. His passion for creative and inspired food is evident and shows through his genuine love of the art of cooking. Preparing food with love and passion has always come natural for Chef Omar, and for this reason his career pairing with Fratelli La Bufala has been a perfect match.

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