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Flamenco Art & Entertainment

Flamenco Art & Entertainment is the result of more than 10 years of experience into the theme event management. After starting in Europe, we are consolidating the business in Middle East for these last four years.

Due to our Spanish roots, FLAMENCO was the first theme of our events. Currently, we can offer a comprehensive and integral ENTERTAINMENT management with AMALIA MEGIAS, founder and CEO of the project, exclusive touch and hallmark.

We set and customize our performances according to the venues we are performing.

From Corporate Events to Private Celebrations and Special Occasions, we make your thematic idea real, looking after every single detail and adding value to your event as we have the capacity, resources and quality to organize a wide range of events.

We are very proud to say that we are the only company in UAE that brings professional Flamenco Artists directly from Spain. Our resident artists will give you the best entertainment and will show you the true art of Flamenco.

Aside from that, we can offer our clients a variety of artists for any of their events, and we can guarantee that our artists have an extensive and accredited background.

Passion, discipline and professionalism define our team.

FLAMENCO ART & ENTERTAINMENT is in continuous development, always striving to ensure the best artists and original concepts to engage with the audience and make our clients fall in love.

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