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Mark Zitti ei Fratelli Coltelli

Although the tag “Made In Italy” still opens doors and which in a globalized market, still stands as an index of professionalism and quality, this is still not enough alone to create fans amongst a Royal family in the space of 6 years. For this you, need real talent and an ability to bring alive the word Entertainment, something that Mark Zitti and the Fratelli Coltelli know all about.

The band was born in 2005 in Italy, first playing out under the name of Joe Caruso and Brookolino Brothers, they celebrated their first important debut, supporting the iconic Elio’s swing band, (the lead singer from the celebrated
Italian band Elio e le Storie Tese), in a concert dedicated to swing and jazz sounds. At their first performance, they created some unique songs for Emergency, collaborating with artists of national recognition.

In 2007, changing their name to Mark Zitti and The Coltelli Brothers, they collaborated with the exceptional theatre Company “Step” creating the music element for the “Renzo e Lucia and Co. the Musical”. 2008 saw the band hitting the road and becoming the main protagonists behind the musical Swing Beat show: “Criminal Record”, directed and created by Alberto Manini, and sponsored by the renowned and iconic TV presenter/ journalist Maurizio Costanzo and the acknowledged musical’s master Saverio Marconi.

But 2012 was the year that Dubai fell in love with this incredible Swing band and to the applause of the Abu Dhabi’s public, they became the official band of the Dubai Boat Show, for two consecutive years. After having excited this demanding public, during the F1 Gp, they joined the Campari Tour, which takes places in some of the most affluent locations in Dubai, all of which played host the bands incredible musical sets. They also broke new ground, becoming the first band to play at the Armani Hotel in the Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world.

During the same tour, they inaugurated the Meydan, Giannino’s Restaurant in the presence of Captain Fabio Cannavaro, who expressly came to greet them after a well applauded set. Just few months later, for the occasion of the Dubai World Cup 2013, they were the leading band chosen by the Royal family, and in the personal presence of the Sceik Al Maktoum and his son the Crown Prince Sheik Hamdan. This portfolio of events have certainly amplified the musicians’ undeniable skills, and not only, the band has also become an ambassador for an array of luxury Italian bands around the world. The singer and band founder Marco Virgili, known as Mark Zitti, returned to Italy with his band to perform at the 2013 and 2014 editions of the “Conero Endurance Cup”, during which they made four different performances in the presence of the Emirates’ Economy Minister Sultan Bin Al Mansouri. A feeling of victory was the sensation experienced by Mark Zitti, following his recent singing duet with the absolut master and God of the Scat singing, Gegè Telesforo. 2014 sets off to a good start, as in the Spring Mark and the band will take to the stage of the prestigious Italian Ancona based venue The Mole Vanvintelliana in collaboration with Criminal Records. After that, they will leave again for the next F1 Gp in Abu Dhabi, as leading band of the event sponsored by Mumm’s Champagne and the week before official band of Dubai Cousin World Summit as 2013.