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Stephanie Goudie

Stephanie is one member that made up the girl band ‘Chocolate Monday’.  The band was formed in Scotland in 2001 and their debut album which was release in 2003 peaked at number 39 with a follow up single ‘You’re Place Of Mine’ peaking at number 18 in the UK chart.

The band toured with Girls Aloud and Blue performing throughout Europe including a sold out concert at Wembley Arena.

In October 2015 Stephanie relocated to Dubai where she’s been writing her own music and performing covers with some incredibly talented musicians from across the globe.  Stephanie comes from a musical family being exposed to music from a young age with her mother having an incredible singing voice and her father being a drummer in a band.
She is currently performing with a 4-piece band where they play classic jazz and soul covers from the 70s, 80s and 90s.  Some of her musical influencers are Aretha Franklin and Amy Winehouse.