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Barakat Quality plus is a modern factory that produces fresh squeezed juices,  sanitized cut vegetables & fruits, gelato ice creams, hot foods & many more. This is the first factory of its kind in the Middle East. We function as an extended kitchen to the hospitality & the retail sector and follow a customer centric approach in our services.

Barakat Quality Plus is Halal Certified, HACCP certified, and ISO 9001:2008; ISO 22000 accredited. Our products have no additives, no preservatives and are made daily from fresh fruits & veggies just like home. The range includes pomegranate, kiwi, avocado, strawberry and more; besides the conventional orange. We also have smoothies and special juices made from a combination of vegetables and fruits like the Red Cleanse, the Green Juice, Matcha Smoothie and Turmeric Smoothie etc.  Our fresh cut vegetables and fruits are sanitized and vacuum packed to retain freshness for over 3 days; they are available in many cuts and are ready to cook. We also specialize in a wide variety of gelatos & sorbets, gourmet soups and many more.

For more information please visit www.barakatjuices.com

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