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Thursday 4pm – 12am
Friday 12pm – 12am
Saturday 12pm – 12am


Nattas is a Portuguese Bakery and Cafe serving traditional pastries and coffee from Portugal. 

Pastel de Nata, one of the well-known and famous pastries in Portugal, was introduced in the 18th century by the Monks of Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon. The original recipe of this mouthwatering flaky creamy custard tart was guarded cautiously by the Monks and was only revealed to five master pastry chefs.

The recipe was then passed from one descendent to another until it was whispered in the ear of our seasoned master chef in Lisbon. The tart has received lots of international interest and with the encouragement of the local UAE community we have decided to bring in this gift all the way from Portugal to the UAE and the rest of the Middle East under the name of “Nattas”.

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