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Rita’s Ice


Rita’s famous for its “Italian Ice”, inspired by the Granita, a water based, semi frozen, fruit flavoured dessert originally from Sicily, but popular all over Italy and Europe.

Rita’s first flavour was cherry, it was made with real fresh cherries, so intense with flavour and so bright in colour that it would stain your lips crimson red! Today, we have dozens of flavours, ranging from the exotic Dragon Fruit to Watermelon, so you can have an Ice day, every day!

Commonly confused with Sorbet for the absence of dairy cream in its recipe, Rita’s Italian Ice had a texture that is actually much smoother, due to our special of freezing the ingredients without allowing air in, which results in a velvety, rich, delicious final product with an exceptional mouthfeel.

We don’t stop at that though, we add the fresh fruits that gives Rita’s Ice an extra touch that makes it so distinctive, refreshing and delicious.

Frozen Custard

Rita’s award-winning Old Fashioned Frozen Custard is made in the same spirit than our Italian Ice.

We focus on the quality of the ingredients as much as on the preparation method, to obtain our unique, thick, creamy consistency. Thanks to our secret preparation method, Rita’s Frozen Custard maintains its texture at a higher temperature than common ice cream, which allows our fans to truly better enjoy the many flavours we offer ! Add some sprinkles, hot fudge or caramel toppings and “Oh my custard!”

Rita’s Frozen Custard can be enjoyed in a cup or cone, as a Sundae with more than 15 toppings to choose from. Sandwiched between Oreo or home backed chocolate chip cookies, Rita’s Frozen Custard becomes that tastiest frozen dessert ever created, guaranteed to bring you happiness or your money back!

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