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Scoopi Café` is a gourmet ice cream and chocolate shop, the main activity of which is the production of liquid nitrogen ice creams and in-house made chocolates.

At Scoopi, we believe that enjoying good food doesn’t have to compromise on good health so we are here to fill your desires.

Our Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is made from scratch, using real, fresh, quality ingredients without additives, colorings or preservatives. Making them to order, means they are never stored in a freezer and retain their fresh, intense flavors.

Scoopi is specialized in creating unique new flavors like MEDJOOL DATE and the exclusive BLACK DIAMOND, which is Dubai’s most expensive dessert which is a composition of Madagascar vanilla ice cream flavored with Iranian saffron and Italian black truffles, garnished with 23 carat edible gold and served in a rare bowl with a gold spoon.

Scoopi`s prime location is in Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai and the other location, is in Marina Mall Dubai.

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