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The Roost Rotisserie

Welcome to The Broth Lab, your one-stop-shop for everything broth!

Using only fresh, free range, antibiotic-free, hormone-free and non-GMO products, our broths are prepared in our kitchen in a way that would have made grandma proud – all handcrafted laboriously for hours with a strict focus on wholesome goodness without any preservatives, additives or nasties.

Served hot in bowls, or in pouches for you to take home to heat and sip or cook with and, brace yourself, in smoothies! Forget about powder based collagen infusions, we give you the real deal!

We have broth made from chicken bone and beef bone.  We have broths made for vegans.  We have broth prepared especially for kids and last but not least, we have broth for your pets.

Welcome to The Broth Lab. Welcome to the new you!