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Rossovivo strives to provide the highest quality of pizza, delivered within 30minutes to your door. Although a lot of other “Italian” pizza companies make this claim, none come close in their level of dedication to authenticity.

We distinguish ourselves by:

  • using a Forno Tradizionale Napoletano oven.
  • having a pizza chef with 10+ years of experience in a renowned pizzeria in Naples
  • leavening the dough at room temperature for at least 12 hours.

Il Forno

Although to most people all brick ovens are the same, this could not be further from the truth. Each oven has, at one point in time, been designed to serve a specific purpose. The Forno Tradizionale Napoletano was the birthplace of pizza, and to this day is ubiquitous in pizzerias across Naples. Unfortunately, since the materials required to build it are hard to come by and the skills to build it are a guarded secret, outside Naples (Italy included), these ovens are very hard to find. At Rossovivo, to be sure we had the best possible pizza oven, we sourced our bricks directly from a small producer in Campania, and then hired one of the most renowned artisans to build one on-site in our restaurant.

Il Pizzaiolo

Simplicity requires more finesse than complexity in the kitchen. Just like a Japanese sushi chef needs years of experience to master each individual element of sushi, a pizza chef (pizzaiolo) takes years to master his craft. All too often is pizza relegated to being trivial food, the process categorised as menial. “It’s just pizza”, some people say, sadly highlighting the abuse and corruption pizza has suffered as a result of its global success. At Rossovivo we know the great value of a good pizza chef, and it is for this reason that we sourced an renowned Neapolitan chef, who has been perfecting his skills since the age of 14 in Naples.


Good pizza requires good dough. Good dough requires time and dedication. Too many pizzerias simply mix a large batch of dough and immediately use this for their pizzas. This couldn’t be further from what real pizza dictates. It is essential to rest and leaven the dough. Resting allows the dough to soften, while leavening enables for tiny air bubbles to form inside it. A properly rested and leavened dough ball will easily open up in the trained hands of a good pizzaiolo. Dough which hasn’t rested will be too tough to be opened by hand, requiring the use of a rolling pin, which will only further push out any air from within the dough. True leavening can only occur at room temperature, so be wary of pizzerias claiming overly extended hours of leavening.

At Rossovivo we only use the best Italian flour and allow our dough to leaven at room temperature for at least 12 hours. The final result is the ultimate pizza: light, fluffy and crispy.

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Menu Offered

  • Bufalina – 15 AED
  • Diavola – 15 AED
  • Genovese – 15 AED
  • Porcini – 20 AED

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