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Carnival by Tresind

Following the successful launch of Tresind—a progressive Indian fine dining restaurant based on the unique concept of molecular gastronomy, team Passion F&B unveiled their second venture ‘Carnival by Tresind’ in September 2016 which introduced post-modern Indian cuisine to the world.

Catering to the myriad of cultures that flaunt the bustling corporate hub of DIFC, ‘Carnival by Tresind’ is a celebration of Indian food, where Indian food comes of age to shed its former glamorous, modern avatar and take leaps ahead to enter the post-modern era. As the name narrates, ‘Carnival’ is a gala, a gastronomic fiesta, a mélange of fun and food, a dining experience that pushes the boundaries of fine dining to transcend into a nostalgic culinary experience which revokes childhood memories and takes you back to your days of yore. Straight from the moment you walk in, there’s magic all around you, resonating with the resplendence of food theatrics and the playful wizardry of mystical culinary techniques.

‘Carnival by Tresind’ presents a contemporary interpretation of Indian cuisine in an ambience that is both chic and minimalistic. The welcoming interiors of the restaurant are finished in colorful hues and are perfectly complemented with the brushed cream and black wooden floors and ceiling. Magnificent custom made bottled glass ceiling of the open bar add a distinct dramatic flair to the place offering a selection of cocktails and mocktails.

On the opening of the restaurant, the co-founder of Passion F&B, Mr. Bhupender Nath, said, “We are delighted to announce our second fine dining operation in the UAE in the form of ‘Carnival by Tresind’. With Tresind, we reinvented Indian cuisine by giving traditional dishes a modern twist, and with Carnival, we hope to take that legacy a notch above. I am certain that this concept has the potential to become one of the leading F&B destinations in the Emirates. We intend to open many further restaurants in the fine dining and lounge space in a careful strategy that will result in an outstanding portfolio.”

To best compliment the umber chic interiors, Head Chef Himanshu Saini and his team has skillfully crafted a culinary experience that engages all the senses. Carrying forth the exemplary service that Tresind is renowned for is restaurant manager Sumit Sharma, along with his team to create a bespoke dining experience for their discerning guests. Drawing inspiration from the theatric presentation of Carnival, Head Mixologist, Sherine John offers an innovative list of cocktails like ‘Mystery Tea’ to quench our guests’ thirst with small plates of beautifully prepared finger food.

Fun is the agenda, be it in décor or food styling, at Carnival where diners can shed all inhibitions and dine at ease, treating them to a gastronomical gala. Techniques which have taken the culinary world by a storm entice guests as they witness this artistic sorcery at the table, which evokes childhood memories and creates a gastronomical experience par excellence. So, come witness Indian food shed its erstwhile ‘spicy, heavy’ persona and take leaps ahead to embrace a more global, glamorous, postmodern avatar at this whimsical wonderland. Welcome to Carnival!


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Menu Offered

  • Pao Bhaji (Stir fried vegetable curry, soft roll bread ) AED 20
  • Mushroom Management (Wild mushroom and truffle pulao ) AED 30
  • Italian Job (Rosemary chicken tikka, creamy cheese fondue, gathering of vegetables) AED 30
  • Meatalious (Grilled lamb chops, ghee roast potato, rosemary jus) AED 30
  • Pulliinji (South Indian ginger prawns, palm sugar caramel, curry leaf crisp) AED 30
  • Into The Wild(Grilled tenderloin, served in a lettuce burrito wrap) AED 30

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