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We are a friendly and affordable French Bistro in Dubai that offers a fun, relaxed guest experience with friendly, informal service and a high-quality food and beverage offer presented in a quirky, innovative format. The space and location should reflect the concept perfectly, and the restaurant should be able to demonstrate excellent performance. Couqley serves delicious high-quality dishes and pours fairly-priced wine. Couqley prepares all dishes à la minute with love and using noble ingredients perfecting instant classics like Steak-Frites in a signature sauce, Onion Soup Gratinée, Escargots, Steak Tartare, and a Pain Perdu to die for. Couqley’s positioning is best described as affordable luxury. Couqley has tailored the French bistro experience to make its customers feel like they are at home, in service, ambiance and price. Couqley’s wine list offers a selection of 20 bottles under AED 200 with bottles starting at AED 99; the first in Dubai.

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Menu Offered

  • Steak Frites AED 30
  • Cheeseburger AED 30
  • Burger AED 30
  • French Fries AED 15

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