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Le Petit Belge

Le Petit Belge a unique, unpretentious spot, offering a friendly and vibrant destination where guests can unwind in a truly Belgian setting. More than just a restaurant, Le Petit Belge is a real testament to the famous Belgian culture that fully embraces life. Standing for all small things that make Belgium great. Belgian hops, Belgian food & Belgian attitude. Le Petit Belge serves authentic Belgian dishes such as mussels, Coq au vin and Belgian waffles, as well as those interpreted with local ingredients. Although Belgium is a small nation, it is overflowing with diverse tastes, international influences and a rich culinary culture.

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Menu Offered

  • Assortment Croquettes (Cheese croquette, Vol – au - vent croquette, Beef croquette) AED 15
  • Steamed Mussels (Garlic cream) AED 30
  • Smothered Belgian Fries (Smothered fries with Belgian beef stew, onion, ketchup, crumble ) AED 30
  • Mushrooms Crostini (Truffle, aged Abbey cheese) AED 30

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