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MasterChef, the TV Experience

MasterChef, the TV Experience, is set to debut in the UAE in April 2019 at Millennium Marina Place in Dubai Marina and is having it’s very first sneak preview at Taste of Dubai this year.

Based on the international hit television series, the restaurant will introduce a world-first dining experience to Dubai that will introduce guests to the talents and recipes of contestants and champions from various global series of MasterChef. With over 60 local adaptations broadcast in more than 200 countries, MasterChef is the world’s most successful cookery television format. MasterChef was created by Franc Roddam.

Offering indoor and outdoor dining experiences, MasterChef, the TV Experience, is a collaboration between Dubai-based The First Group and global content creator, producer and distributor, Endemol Shine Group.

Menu Offered

Duck Leg Confit Tacos

Confit duck leg, jalapeno & tomatillo sauce, sour cream, pickled onions & mango salsa. ~ Recipe from Shaun O’Neale, MasterChef USA Champion Season 7, 2016.

AED 20

Fried Chicken Waffles

Crispy, fried chicken marinated in spicy buttermilk topped with red chilli, tamarind, Thai herbs & chilli caramel sauce. ~ Recipe from Tamara Graffen – MasterChef AUS, Contestant Season 9, 2017.

AED 20

Mushroom Laksa with Quail Egg

Mixed mushrooms & glass rice noodles tossed in a laksa sauce topped with a soft boiled & fried quail egg. ~ Recipe from Ping Coombes – MasterChef UK Champion Season 10, 2014.

AED 30

Deconstructed Eton Mess

Lemon & Japanese Sansho pepper merengue, raspberry coulis, strawberries & mint jelly ~ Recipe from James Nathan – MasterChef UK Champion Season 4, 2008.

AED 15