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Pizza Rustica

The receipt of Pizza Romana, dating back to the Ancient Roman times, was created by the peasants who lived in the countryside around Rome. The famous poet Virgil mention in his well-known “Aeneid” about the classic preparation of the Pizza. The poet describes pizza, as being the first meal that the Trojan hero, Aeneas, had when he disembark in Lazio.

80% water, a mixture of wheat, rice and soy flours makes our pizza romana a low fat, low-calorie and easy to digest food.

Not only the special mixture of flours, but also the long time that the dough needs to maturate (48-150hours) gives a special flavor to our product.

What we changed from the ancient receipt? Nothing! But we took into consideration the nowadays need for Vegan, Lactose free or Gluten Free option and we added in our menu.


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Menu Offered

  • La Margheritina (Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce & Basil) 15 AED
  • La Diavolina (Beef Salami, Mozzarella & Tomato Sauce) 20AED
  • La Burratina (Stracciatella di Burrata, Cherry Tomatoes, Tomato Sauce & Marinated Sauce) 20 AED
  • La Rustichina (Portobello Mushrooms, Truffle Sauce, Air-Dry Beef Bacon, Stracciatella di Burrata & Mozzarella) 30 AED

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