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The Blacksmith Smokehouse

The Blacksmith Smokehouse at Wyndham Dubai Marina redefines the art of smoking one brisket at a time.

Led by Chef Orelle Young, The Blacksmith Smokehouse serves up an invigorating ‘pit-masterpiece’ of succulent slow-cooked meat cuts, ridiculously delicious ribs, long iced-teas and blended cocktails that ooze originality and the best traditions and flavours of the deep south.

The Blacksmith Smokehouse’s custom-built smoker is fired-up daily and begins flavouring cuts of meat long before sunrise to bring you the true, authentic Southern smoked taste, which takes at least 12 hours.

The Blacksmith Smokehouse serves up a range of weekly promotions including the popular Friday brunch (ITIS) from 1pm – 5pm, and a brand new Thursday night brunch (Hot Turkey) from 7pm – 11pm.