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Zomato Gold

Zomato, the leading restaurant search and discovery platform, is launching Zomato Gold – a subscription based exclusive membership that gets you 1+1 on any beverage at over 200 of UAE’s best restaurants and lounges. The ultimate goal of Zomato Gold is to give its patrons access to the best dine-in restaurants and amazing nightlife in the city.

About Zomato

Zomato is a restaurant search and discovery platform, providing in-depth information for over 1 million restaurants across 23 countries. In addition to restaurant search and discovery, Zomato has expanded its offering to include in-app Online Ordering, Table Reservations, a Point-of-Sale system, and Zomato Gold. Zomato’s goal is to keep creating cutting-edge technology to connect restaurant businesses and customers in ways that will revolutionize the restaurant industry.

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