Hattem Mattar

Hattem Mattar is a self taught chef and is the Arab world’s first pit master. After travelling the world learning the BBQ techniques of Latin America, the American South and the Arabian peninsula, he has made Dubai the base and home for his third culture kitchen smokehouse. The Mattar Farm has reinvented the time honoured tradition and craftsmanship of that goes into smoking and has married local ingredients and foods with woods and techniques from the world to create a flavour and experience that has taken the local F&B scene by storm.

Having grown up in his mother’s kitchen Hattem first picked up a knife and put on an apron cooking for himself while away studying. Every return home, would always be a return to the techniques and ingredients of his mother’s stove and table. When he wasn’t creating Egyptian soul food with her, he was apprenticing on his father’s grill every weekend. Those two fires, are still burning bright and strong in The Mattar Farm and the dishes and flavours it creates.

He has had his own cooking show on Arabian satellite television featuring an outdoor kitchen grill space. Along with the help of his daughters, they created over 70 dishes, exclusively on the grill and smoker. The show was a testament to the beauty and versatility of live fire cooking and the health and taste benefits of local and farm fresh ingredients. Together they created and recreated dishes from salads to desserts, Paella to smoked beef cheeks.

Now, with no limits to the combinations of cuisines and flavours that the Mattar Farm Kitchen is creating, Hattem is on a mission to bring live fire and the artisan skills of BESPOKE SMOKE to the Middle East and North Africa.