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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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What is Taste of Dubai?

Taste of Dubai is Dubai’s largest and most loved festival!

The festival is a food-lover’s fantasy, jam-packed with exclusive new restaurants, world-class chefs, cooking classes, an incredible line-up of music and tantalising fresh features.

Taste of Dubai brings together not just restaurants, food and drink suppliers, but a line-up of innovative and interactive programmes dedicated to cooking and eating. If you love food, drink, and music, you will absolutely love Taste of Dubai.

Where is Taste of Dubai 2018 held?

Dubai Media City, Amphitheatre.

What are the dates and timings of Taste of Dubai 2018?

Thursday, 8th March: 4pm-12am

Friday, 9th March: 12pm-12am

Saturday, 10th March: 12pm-11pm

How do I buy tickets?

Ticket are on sale now and can be purchased from the Platinum List

What types of tickets are available for purchase?

VIP tickets or standard tickets. Children under 12 go free!

What do I get?

A Standard ticket : Gets you entry into Taste of Dubai and access to the incredible features: Chefs’ Theatre, Cooking Challenge, Kids Zone, Outdoor Shopping Arena and multiple bars. You can also sing, dance and listen to amazing live music on the Entertainment Stage. Bring some spending money to sample dishes from 24 of city’s hottest restaurants for as little as AED 15.

A VIP ticket : Gets you all of the above plus… access to the VIP Lounge next to the Entertainment Stage, 2 beverages (either wine, beer or soft drinks) and 3 signature dishes from any of the participating restaurants.

EARLY BIRDIndividual ticket price
Standard Ticket Thursday, Ticket includes 2 drinks and  concertAED 135.00
Standard Friday or SaturdayAED 55.00
VIP Ticket, includes 3 food & 2 drink vouchersAED 210
Standard Ticket Thursday, Ticket includes 2 drinks and concertAED 160.00
Standard Friday or SaturdayAED 80.00
VIP Ticket, includes 3 food & 2 drink vouchersAED 255.00
Standard Ticket Thursday, Ticket includes 2 drinks and  concertAED 200.00
Standard Friday or SaturdayAED 95.00
VIP Ticket, includes 3 food & 2 drink vouchersAED 285.00

How do I get there?

Dubai Media City Amphitheatre is adjacent to the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Media City. Details are here. Parking is available in and around Media City however, we suggest you take a taxi or the metro.

Where is the nearest metro?

Nakheel is the nearest metro station.

Does everyone accept Dirhams?

Yes, all restaurants, exhibitors and bars accept dirhams. Visitors can also pay by card at most stands and restaurants.

Will the event be affected by unfortunate weather circumstances?

Unless advised by the local authority, the event will go ahead despite any weather conditions. So sunshine or rain, we will be there!

This is an outdoor festival so please wear appropriate footwear as weather conditions may change throughout the day.

There are multiple covered areas at the festival.

Where can I see when the chefs are performing in the Chefs’ Theatre 2018?

The What’s on section has complete timetables for all the activities going on at the event.

Do I need to pre-book for a session in the Chefs’ Theatre or Cooking Challenge 2018?

No, it operates on a first come first served basis and all sessions are free of charge. You can sign up to the Cooking Challenge half an hour before each session.

How much are each of the dishes at the restaurants?

The average dish at Taste of Dubai is between 15-30 dirhams.

Who are the organisers of Taste of Dubai 2018?

Taste of Dubai is run by Turret Media. A multi award winning company, Turret Media has conceptualised, developed and launched some of the most successful live events in the world and is a leading publisher within several market sectors in the Middle East. For more information, visit our website here.

Can I exhibit at Taste of Dubai 2018?

Yes you can. For information about exhibiting at the event in 2018, view our exhibiting pages here.

How do I find the most up to date information on Taste of Dubai 2018?

Through this website and our social networks you will be able to find out the latest news about Taste of Dubai. You can also sign up to our newsletter here.

How do I sign up to the newsletter?

To sign up, click here.

I have a press enquiry, who do I contact?

For any press enquiry, please email v.johnson@onecmg.com

Do children under 12 require a ticket to attend?

No, but proof of identification may be required.

Are there any age limits?

No! Everyone and anyone is welcome.

Are there car-parking facilities on site?

No, but there a plenty of paid car parking facilities around Dubai Media City. However, we encourage all visitors to take public transportation.

Can I bring my own food and/or drink?

No food or drink will be allowed into the festival.

Can I leave the festival site and come back in?

Yes, just ask for the security to stamp you for re-entry.

Will there be ATM facilities on site?


If you have a query which has not yet been answered, please contact a member of the Taste team here