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Butter Kitchen

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We are delighted this year to host the first ever Butter Kitchen workshops at Taste of Dubai!

Butter Kitchen is a pop up restaurant-like corner animated by a French Chef, Charles Soussin, and one dairy specialist, Francois Robin, awarded best cheesemonger in France.

Gastronomic workshops will run all day long and are open to all visitors, where two professionals will explain how and why butter is essential to enhance flavors and sublimate all plates, from starters to desserts.

Visitors will learn where does butter come from, the butter making process, experience cooking with butter gastronomic tips and understand what makes butter so special in the gastronomic cuisine. We will also have hands on sessions where they will be taught how to prepare flavored butter, or how to gastronomize their dish with butter.

Pop over during for the workshops below:

  • Butter “savoir-faire” : demos by a dairy specialist to discover how butter is made, and what are the different features of butter
  • Flavored butters : The Chef & dairy specialist will work together to demonstrate how to prepare a savory flavoured butter (seaweed butter, citrus butter, etc.), and the best way to cook it ; visitors will be able to prepare themselves their favorite flavored butter
  • Cooking with butter: demos by Chef Charles Soussin, who will explain how to use butter in your kitchen

Dont miss that hands-on session! Learn during a live hands-on session how to cook gourmet recipes with butter.

Today, the dairy industry in the European Union is the most productive and the most successful in the world. Its strict regulations by the European Union, makes dairy from Europe, the best and safest products for the consumer. CNIEL (National Interprofessional Center of the Dairy Economy, France), is a privately-run organization whose main objective is to promote dairy products and to facilitate relationships between dairy producers and processors.



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