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Thursday 4pm – 12am
Friday 12pm – 12am
Saturday 12pm – 12am

Electrolux Chef’s Theatre in association with Etihad Airways

Make sure you don't miss your favourite chef live in action and pick up top tips to wow your friends!

The Chef’s Theatre 2017 will host live demonstrations from a selection of the world’s best chefs. Watch as they prepare tantalising dishes right in front of you and get inspired as they transform simple ingredients into world class dishes.

Electrolux Chef’s Theatre in association with Etihad Airways
Thursday 9th March
Time Chef
16.00pm – 16.30pm Nisrine Nakhoul – ICCA Dubai
16.30pm – 17.00pm Eric Lanlard
17.30pm – 18.00pm Gary Rhodes
18.30pm – 19.00pm Aldo Zilli
19.30pm – 20.00pm Gary Rhodes
20.30pm – 21.00pm Michel Roux Jr.
21.30pm – 22.00pm Etihad Airways Inflight Chef
22.30pm – 23.00pm Luke Thomas
Friday 10th March
Time Chef
12.30pm – 13.00pm Etihad Airways Inflight Chef
13.30pm – 14.00pm Aldo Zilli
14.30pm – 15.00pm Luke Thomas
15.30pm – 16.00pm Gary Rhodes
16.30pm – 17.00pm Jenny Morris & Reza Mahammad
17.30pm – 18.00pm Etihad Airways Inflight Chef
18.30pm – 19.00pm Gary Rhodes
19.30pm – 20.00pm Michel Roux Jr.
20.30pm – 21.00pm Eric Lanlard
21.30pm – 22.00pm Tarek Ibrahim & Mohammad Orfali
22.30pm – 23.00pm Marco Morana – ICCA Dubai
Saturday 11th March
Time Chef
12.00pm – 12.30pm Marco Morana – ICCA Dubai
12.30pm – 13.00pm Luke Thomas
13.30pm – 14.00pm Etihad Airways Inflight Chef
14.30pm – 15.00pm Jenny Morris & Reza Mahammad
15.30pm – 16.00pm Michel Roux Jr.
16.30pm – 17.00pm Joshua Stanzl
17.30pm – 18.00pm Jenny Morris & Reza Mahammad
18.30pm – 19.00pm Aldo Zilli
19.30pm – 20.00pm Eric Lanlard
20.30pm – 21.00pm Tarek Ibrahim & Mohammad Orfali