Taste of Dubai 2023 was full of bespoke cooking experiences, challenges and more. Check out how our guests spent their wonderful weekends exploring the below…


Imagine receiving instant feedback from a superstar chef on cooking skills – pretty cool, right? Learn loads, from sauce secrets to vegan-friendly advice, and even how to perfect the most iconic dishes. Quiz them on their inspiration, technique and of course (if you dare) there kitchen disasters!


Do you often burn your burgers and singe your sausages? Can’t work out the best way to grill those great veggies? Fear not. Thanks to Waterfront Market – Dubai’s premier fresh food market – they will be running the ultimate class during Taste of Dubai: BBQ School. BBQ brainbox Chef Lymperis, will teach you all you need to know on our impressive Weber grills. And if you like the all the fresh food on display, be sure to check out FreshToHome – they’ll get you incredible fresh produce to your doorstep in no time.


Kibsons International – the nation’s leading fresh produce delivery company – will not only have its own dedicated space at the festival, but will welcome (on a first come, first serve basis) guests to sign up for the Kibsons Mystery Box Cooking Challenge.

Guided by one of the talented Taste chefs, get ready to dive into the Kibsons Mystery Box of goodies, where your cooking skills will be put to the test, as you whip up something wonderful with your allotted ingredients.

It’s free, will take place throughout the Taste weekend, and you’ll need to register on the day to book your place.


Located adjacent to the all-new VIP Lounge, the Taste of Hilton experience stand will be a sustainability showcase offering an exciting program of eco-conscious food and drink demonstrations, and ‘meet the producer’ opportunities across the three-day event. 

Working with the very best farm fresh local produce supplied by UAE agritech platform and local catalyst, Fresh on Table, a brigade of talented Chefs and Mixologists from Hilton’s UAE 30 strong hotel portfolio, will invite guests to meet local farmers and watch as they create delicious farm-to-plate and glass dishes and drinks in an eco-conscious way. These sustainable tasters will be offered free, on a first come first served basis, to those who purchase a drink from the dedicated bar.



From games, mazes, ‘edutainment’ and more – this year’s woo-hoo! Children Space is going to keep your youngsters entertained for hours.

Thanks to the woo-hoo! team, parents can rest assured that their little ones will be looked after (for up to 1.5 hours) as they explore, imagine, create and move through play in the woo-hoo! Children Space.


Costa Coffee, in partnership with Emirates Holidays, will be giving away an incredible holiday package for two to the gastronomy capital; Lyon, France. Swing by Costa Coffee to get your coffee fix and try the hand-crafted coffee-based mocktails specially made for the event and for a chance to win this exciting prize!


Get ready for an unforgettable festival accompanied with crafted mocktails and refreshing beverages! An exclusive Pepsi Mixology bar is the perfect opportunity to indulge and refresh with your favorite drinks and enjoy the company of your friends!

Snack Bar

Get ready to spice up your taste buds! Your favorite brands Doritos, Cheetos and Lay’s came together showcasing bold flavors with our culinary offers! If you are looking for a quick nachos break or looking for another culinary staple Cheetos popcorn, snacks bar is where you stop by!


Get ready for an enriching experience, where Ahmad Tea will give you the chance to have an immersive experience in the world of tea leaf flavour and craftsmanship.

Taste guests will not only be able to enjoy the extraordinary tea, but to learn about how the product and the history that lives behind. Visit the Ahmad Tea Garden to have a chance to learn more about tea, create your own blend and explore how tea can be part of new experiences, such as mocktails.


Sometimes if you’re not eating, you’re thinking about it, right? We know we do. That’s why a casual peruse around the Taste Artisan Village can help inspire your next cooking adventure. Brimming with exceptional foods, ingredients, cooking products and more, you’re bound to walk away ready to get creative in your home kitchen. Here’s a sneak peak of who’s on show:

  • Cook Fresh
  • Cafesti
  • Aroma di Olio
  • Fade Fit
  • Truffle House
  • House of Pops
  • Hunter Foods
  • NiceCream
  • Merika Café
  • Prep & Co
  • Acai & Co
  • Fresh to Home
  • Philips Water Solutions
  • Ninja
  • Bid Food
  • American Garden


  • La Tiendita
  • Acacia Garden
  • Golden Ribbon
  • Al Jazira Poultry Farm
  • Yakult
  • Shehrazade
  • Maggi
  • Dibba Bay Osyters
  • Gulf News
  • NTDE
  • European-French Apples
  • Bisconni
  • Mr. Mango
  • Varak Confectionaries


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