January 08, 2024

Scott Sheppard was born and raised in Lincoln, UK. Since his early childhood, he has been fanatical about music which has played a big role into his way of life and profession.

He started playing in local bars and clubs in Lincoln in 1992, joining the Ministry Of Sound family and playing gigs for Clubber’s Guide, Big Tunes, and Hedkandi, which led to him being offered a residency in Dubai in 2011.

He has also held residencies throughout the UK and internationally, including Sweden, Spain, and Turkey. Over the past 12 years, he has been building his profile across the UAE with residencies in bars and clubs and corporate events.

Playing in a multicultural environment, he has had to diversity into a variety of genres, including house, disco, dance, classic party anthems, pop, rock, classic hip hop, and R&B.

One of his key skills is being able to mix tracks between genres flawlessly; his attention to detail and pre-production for any event makes him a great addition.


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