September 26, 2023

Truly Medley Deeply (TMD) was set up in 2010 by three students at Cambridge University. Since the beginning, the band has been a unique hybrid of live act, DJ, and jukebox, taking the best parts of songs and condensing them into beautifully-flowing medleys. TMD’s ingenious medleys effortlessly mix between songs in seamless arrangements that bring joy, energy, and laughter to every dancefloor. From Disco and Soul classics to ’90s Boybands/Girlbands via Epic Stadium Rock, R&B, ’80s Synthpop, EDM, TikTok tracks, and many more, the best party music from every era is grouped, refined, and medleyed.

Over its 12-year existence, the band has evolved into a collective of talented singer-musicians. Rooted in the UK but with outposts across the globe, TMD has performed in 32 countries and counting, adapting to every environment from desert to ice hotel, castle to skyscraper, and private island to street corner.

The standard Truly Medley Deeply lineup is a duo that produces a huge, full-band sound despite a light footprint thanks to dual multitasking lead vocalists, exceptional musical versatility, and a creative use of technology. A sax player can be added to the duo for an extra sprinkling of magic and larger lineups are available upon request.

To know more about Truly Medley Deeply, visit the following links: Instagram | Website


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