is the third culture ambassador of the Arab world, through cuisine and analogue experiences and conversations. We are proud of the heritage, upbringing, and blend that makes us unique and our ability to connect with each of the parts that make up our whole and beyond.

Specialising in barbecue, we make, craft and supply live fire cuisine experiences with the best ingredients and materials possible to a community of our family, friends, and customers who will become so. We believe in the importance of family, human connection, and the pursuit of dreams to their fullest and greatest extent. We believe there is no greater calling than to first discover this dream and to fight to pursue it relentlessly every day. We believe in the process of cultivating character and crops of superlatives. In all of the above, and the spaces between these ideals and pursuits.

What we do is a bridge between all cultures of the world, in belief and in practice. We do it to reinforce those bridges that exist and to build bridges that do not. We do this for the people we call our community and hope they carry the fire of that torch to their communities. Magnified and amplified, we do this to keep the dark at bay and connect us all to the light. So bright is the light, we see it in ourselves and reflect ever so brightly back at each other.

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Chef Details

Hattem Mattar is the world’s first Arab pit-master and renowned for his Dubai-based third culture barbecue, The culinary ambassador to the UAE embassy in Washington DC, Hattem and his menus have been featured on CNN, and most recently represented the Arab world at every barbecue festival on the global circuit.

With his motto of gratitude, humility, and community, Chef Hattem’s success is the drive behind always building a long table and not a high fence. His commitment to celebrating diversity and creating an inclusive environment is testament to his dedication to his mission of “Creating Unity Through Food”.

To know more about Hattem Mattar, visit the following links: Instagram | Website

Mattar Third Culture Barbecue Restaurant Menu

Mattar Third Culture Barbecue


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