Founded in 1997, Sumosan is a family-owned, highly acclaimed contemporary Japanese restaurant group. It has garnered numerous awards and international critical praise for its exceptional standard of cuisine, with 8 locations worldwide.

Situated in the heart of Downtown, in the elegant Dubai EDITION Hotel, Sumosan presents its guests with outstanding food, exceptional service, and a genuine passion for hospitality that has earned a loyal following over the years. Led by Executive Chef Bubker Belkhit and Head Chef Pavel Li in Dubai, the menu at Sumosan features international favourites such as the famous lobster salad, creamy spicy king crab, and yellowtail truffle tiradito.

The decor exudes a perfect fusion of modern Japanese influences. A place where exceptional cuisine, impeccable service, and a passion for hospitality converge to create unforgettable dining experiences. Sumosan continues to push the boundaries of culinary excellence as a global fine-dining destination.

To know more about Sumosan, visit the following links: Instagram | Facebook | Website

Chef Details

Pavel Li is a culinary maestro with a successful journey in Japanese cuisine. Raised by parents who were passionate about food, Chef Pavel’s deep appreciation for the intricate flavours of Japanese culinary arts led him to a gastronomic career that spans over 17 years. Chef Li’s expertise has been honed through his tenure as a Head Chef at several successful Japanese restaurants, including establishments such as Megu in New York, Doha, and the Four Seasons Hotel in Kuwait.

His cooking style emphasizes simplicity, allowing the essence of each main ingredient to shine and contribute to a full palette of flavours. Chef Pavel’s dedication to the art of presentation underscores the importance of details in creating an exceptional dining experience. As a passionate food enthusiast and artist, he believes in the power of visual appeal and plating, hoping to immerse guests in his world of original and modern flavours at Sumosan.

To know more about Chef Pavel, visit his Instagram.

Sumosan Restaurant Menu



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