Over 21+ and looking for the perfect grape to accompany your food or a refreshing hop to cool off after dancing? Step in to 1 of 5 licensed outlets where you can sit, back, relax, and enjoy your favourite sips.

Globally recognised brands will take over select bars and include music, giveaways, and more.

About Maritime & Mercantile International LLC (MMI)

Maritime & Mercantile International LLC (MMI) started as a Dubai Creekside shipping agent dating back since 1916, working with leading beverage distributors.

Today, more than 100 years later, MMI is already the top beverage supplier to hotels, restaurants, and bars in the UAE and Oman while continuously expanding their business to become one of the world’s leading independent distributors. The long heritage of MMI in Dubai means that there was always a strong initiative to grow and develop with the city and strive to always explore new opportunities and avenues to serve the country at its highest of capabilities.


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